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Parent Involvement

As a parent, you play a critical role in your child's education at Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS). We view you as a partner in this journey, and offer flexible opportunities for you to take part in your child's learning.

Create a Supportive Learning Environment

You can empower and motivate your child in a way that no teacher can replace. To help your child reach their full potential, we recommend that you work together to establish expectations, goals, a distraction-free study space and a learning pace and schedule that suits your family's lifestyle.

Your child’s instructor will provide you with personalized monthly progress reports for each course. We encourage you to use these snapshots as an opportunity to communicate and work together with the instructor to help your child thrive personally and academically.

Track Your Student’s Progress

The ALVS Parent Portal keeps you informed about your student's progress and provides a transparent view of their academics. Through your guardian account, you can access:

  • The courses your student is enrolled in
  • Teacher contact information
  • Suggested pacing schedule for on-time completion
  • The gradebook, which includes scores on quizzes, assignments and tests
  • Your student's log-In history
  • Useful links to help your student navigate our learning platform

The instructor will include you on student communications throughout your enrollment, keeping you informed on your child’s progress and performance. If you have questions or need additional support, you can always contact ALVS teachers and academic counselors.

When I enrolled Wylee in this class and wasn't to sure how chemistry could be taught online. I oversee his courses and I have no doubt that he is learning and will be successful in high school because of Apex's teachers and curriculum. Mrs. Ojerio has been such a wonderful, supportive teacher and has helped Wylee to flourish in a subject that he was nervous to take.

Kristie O., ALVS Parent

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