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Part-time Programs

Apex Learning Virtual School's part-time programs provide high-quality, flexible and convenient online courses and tutorials for high school and middle school students, whether they're seeking advanced learning opportunities or additional help with their coursework.

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Who We Serve

ALVS serves students with a variety of academic needs who want the flexibility to take middle school and high school online courses and earn credits while continuing their enrollment at their brick-and-mortar school or homeschool program.


At ALVS, students have found the flexibility and support they need to thrive in our online programs with the help of our dedicated faculty and staff.


Completion Rate

Students are supported by our teachers who keep them motivated and on track to finish.


Course Passing Rate

Students consistently find success in our online courses and prove mastery of the concepts.


Satisfaction Rate

Students who responded to our survey say they feel supported by their ALVS instructor.

Part-time Programs

ALVS part-time learning programs offer students engaging and effective learning opportunities designed to help them catch up, get ahead, or expand their learning.

Explore Courses & Tutorials

ALVS part-time programs enable students in grades 6–12 to expand their options beyond what their brick and mortar school offers. Explore all our courses for advanced learning, summer, credit recovery, enrichment, and focused tutorials for test prep or remediation.

Support for Your Success

At ALVS, students and their families are supported by our dedicated faculty and staff throughout enrollment. Experienced ALVS teachers communicate with parents and students and offer individualized feedback on assignments, monitor student progress, and provide 1:1 support. The Student Services team is also available to help families maximize their learning experience. With ALVS, students receive the support they need to succeed in their online learning journey.

Transfer Credits and Request Transcripts with Ease

ALVS is nationally accredited by Cognia® and the ACS WASC, and approved by the College Board, which means the credits students earn through our courses are widely accepted and easy to transfer.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether you're looking to take a few courses or enroll in a tutorial for additional help in a specific subject, our online catalog is designed to make enrolling in courses stress-free.

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