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Apex Learning offers science courses for middle and high school with honors and AP® options. Students will develop critical-thinking skills and apply scientific knowledge through various activities.

About Apex Learning Science Courses

Apex Learning's science courses offer students a deep understanding of the natural world and the universe through hands-on learning opportunities. Students will explore the intricacies of the universe; uncover the secrets of space and time; and discover the wonders of biology, chemistry, and physics. The courses deepen students' understanding of the scientific method, encourage critical thinking, and bring science to life. Apex Learning science courses ensure that your child is:

Prepared for the Future

ALVS science courses are designed with state and national standards in mind, emphasizing key knowledge and understanding for advancing to the next grade level.

Engaged in Learning

Students are immersed in interactive, multimedia learning with vibrant videos, animations, case studies, and simulations to encourage them to engage with the material, think critically, and connect their learning to the world around them.

Confident in Knowledge and Skills

Interactive activities such as labs, simulations, and games allow students to apply what they have learned and receive immediate feedback on their performance to identify areas where they may need additional support.

Equipped for Critical Thinking

Students will learn to ask scientific questions, form and test hypotheses, and use logic and evidence to draw conclusions about the concepts covered. Lab activities reinforce critical-thinking skills and help students develop a deeper understanding of scientific knowledge and concepts.

Provided with Tools to Learn Effectively

Built-in support tools are offered in every course to help students break down the material whenever and wherever they might need help.

Supported by Certified Teachers

Every Apex Learning course includes help from experienced certified teachers who provide encouragement and individualized feedback on graded assignments to motivate, challenge, and keep students on track.

Science Courses

Science Tutorials

When I enrolled Wylee in this class and wasn't to sure how chemistry could be taught online. I oversee his courses and I have no doubt that he is learning and will be successful in high school because of Apex's teachers and curriculum. Mrs. Ojerio has been such a wonderful, supportive teacher and has helped Wylee to flourish in a subject that he was nervous to take.

Kristie O., ALVS Parent

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