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Learning Platform

Our digital curriculum and learning platform are built for maximum engagement and support—ensuring that your student stays absorbed and challenged throughout the learning experience.

Online Learning Designed by Experts

At Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS), a team of curriculum professionals, instructional designers, subject matter experts and assessment specialists join forces to prepare your child for success. We’ve developed a research-based digital curriculum that meets the highest scholastic standards while keeping students engaged.

How the Learning Platform Works

Your student will interact with multimedia content, practice their skills and check their understanding through ongoing assessments. Every course includes built-in support tools to assist your child in breaking down the material when they need help.

Embedded Learning Tools and Supports

Built-In Scaffolding - Students learn concepts in manageable chunks, and take frequent assessments to ensure understanding. Multimedia content and graphic organizers also help students master the material.

Enhanced Support - To accommodate students who learn differently or need extra help, every course includes opt-in support tools, such as text to speech, text translation, support cards and study guides.

Interactive Assignments - To help students stay engaged and learn by doing, ALVS Courses include close reading activities, simulations, polls, graphing tools and other interactive exercises.

Perfect college prep courses. The content is presented in an easy to follow method with many interactive activities for all lessons. We have tried public school, private schools and used various homeschool curriculum and Apex is the best option by far.

Jennifer S., ALVS parent

Take a Look Inside Our Learning Platform

Our effective digital learning strategy combines carefully designed instruction and targeted support to help students master each concept. Preview the learning platform in the video below.

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