AP® U.S. Government & Politics

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Course Overview

AP® U.S. Government and Politics studies the operations and structure of the U.S. government and the behavior of the electorate and politicians. Students will gain the analytic perspective necessary to critically evaluate political data, hypotheses, concepts, opinions, and processes. Along the way, they'll learn how to gather data about political behavior and develop their own theoretical analysis of American politics. They'll also build the skills they need to examine general propositions about government and politics, and to analyze the specific relationships between political, social, and economic institutions. The equivalent of an introductory college-level course, AP® U.S. Government and Politics prepares students for the AP® exam and for further study in political science, law, education, business, and history.

This course has been authorized by the College Board® to use the AP® designation.

Course Details

Social Studies
Grade Levels
High School

U.S. History

Pre–Requisite Courses
U.S. History
Course Length

Single Semester: Courses have a maximum duration of 18 weeks per semester.

Required Materials


  • The Lanahan Readings in the American Polity, 6th ed. Ann G. Serow and Everett C. Ladd, eds. (Lanahan Publishing, 2016).
    ISBN-10: 1930398190 / ISBN-13: 9781930398191
    Acceptable alternate: 5th ed. (2010). ISBN-10: 1930398166 / ISBN-13: 9781930398160
    Acceptable alternate: 4th ed. (2007). ISBN-10: 1930398093
  • American Government: Power and Purpose, 16th ed. Theodore J. Lowi, et. al. (W. W. Norton, 2021).
    ISBN-10: 0393538915 / ISBN-13: 9780393538915
    Acceptable alternate: 15th ed. (2018). ISBN-10: 0393674991 / ISBN-13: 9780393674996
    Acceptable alternate: 14th ed. (2017). ISBN-10: 0393624218 / ISBN-13: 9780393624212

Course Units & Syllabus

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